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The house of T$H is not just a design house that creates a range of objects, we aim to be much more. We are a meaningful mover of culture, we challenge the status quo.



Our designs are unique.
Our mechanisms proprietorial.
We’re minimal minded.
We don’t make much.
We make a few things well.
Quality beats quantity every time.

We approach one object at a time and reconstruct it and we create our own engineering.


Every single jewelry company I have worked for over the years has repeatedly and incessantly given me the brief to design charm bracelets. Honestly, this was my most dreaded brief so I decided to create a 21st century, modern interpretation of the old fashioned charm bracelet. Transforming it into a unisex design and contemporary expression of identity and meaning. Goodbye to the traditional dangly charms and hello Codebreaker!

With my knowledge of jewelry design and fabrication I have created a bracelet that is above all guided by quality and performance. Not one single element is bought off the shelf or mass produced. Every aspect has been designed to be of the best quality and weight. The hinge and double click clasp are of the standard you find in high jewelry. The clasp has a double click mechanism that is seamlessness while adding that extra security to the fastening of the bracelet. The engineering lock system of the brix is unique and patent pending.

Alphabet letters, numbers and symbols were designed by Baron & Baron. They are bold and powerful. They sit at an angle like a switch at the ready. The bracelet can be constantly updated and changed to reflect your evolution. Codebreaker is your mood, your message. It is metal with a message.

The tag came to me the night before I was heading to Paris to show my collection. It was the 90s, minimalism reigned and this simple design spoke to me. At first Japanese buyers flocked to it, then the rest immediately followed. I missed it so much so I brought it back. This small object is more than a piece of jewelry. Maybe because of its permanence, (it lasts around 2 years) it becomes a signifier and bonds to you.

You will forever remember the time and place you were tagged. It’s a simple concept and we all know simplicity always wins.